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Baryon Dynamics Incorporated is an new and upcoming company specializes in Power and Propulsion. 

Space propulsion is our main focus at Baryon Dynamics. Over the years, we has worked on arcjets, ion and Hall effect thrusters for small satellites.  We provide engineering designs and build a full propulsion systems for our customers.


We have a strong quality assurance policy to have the best product delivered to our customers.


Currently we are researching a low cost and low power electric thruster for small satellites. We believe that our flagship technology will revolutionize the small satellite industry. It is based off of the founder's PhD dissertation in 2013. Over the years, the company improved on the intellectual property. 

Our secondary specialization, power, concentrates on converting solar, thermal, and nuclear energy and converting them into electrical energy. We are aiming to develop a product that will be future-ready for the nuclear fusion industry.

Our goal is to develop technologies for aerospace and energy sectors.

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Space Propulsion

Arcjets Ion, and Hall Thrusters

Space propulsion is one of the two specializations we have at Baryon Dynamics. We design plasma propulsion systems for small satellites under 150 kg. Currently, we are aiming to develop customized RF plasma thrusters for CubeSats and nanosatellites. Clients can either have

  • Design blueprints of the thruster, or

  • Spaceflight-ready thruster


Energy Systems

Solar, Thermal, and Nuclear

Another specialization our company has is producing research and developing energy technologies. We have expertise in

  • Nuclear Fission and Fusion Energy

  • Solar Energy Architecture

  • Energy Harvesting

  • Advanced Thermal/Fluid Engineering

The products we aim to sell are blueprints of:

  • Power Processing Units

  • Energy Generators and Storage Units

  • Thermal Management Systems


Plasma Engineering

Designing Plasma Tools

Baryon Dynamics Incorporated also work in different fields in plasma engineering. We envision ourselves working in

  • Waste Incineration

  • Plasma Torches

  • Material Processing

  • Extreme Ultra-Violet Sourcing

  • Ion Implantation

  • Neutral Beam Injection

  • High Temperature Material Testing

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Plasma Diagnostics

Our company produces software programs and instruments for plasma diagnostics and analysis. This has wide use in

  • Performance measurements in plasma propulsion

  • Determining the temperature and density of plasma clouds

  • Velocity of incoming charged particles

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