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Small Satellite Electrothermal Thruster

The picture above is one of the products we are aiming to develop, the Electrothermal Arcjet Thruster. Working on pure thermal energy, this thruster is ideal for small satellites. It is simple yet effective. The product can be operated in both DC and RF mode. Below is the list of items included in the package and specifications for a standard 6U CubeSat. Size and power may vary depending on the specific satellite requirements and limitations.

Items include in the package
•    Arcjet
•    DC-DC Converter OR DC-RF Generator
•    Matching Network (Optional and Only for RF)
•    Plenum
•    Fasteners and Harnesses


Standard Specifications (for a 6U CubeSat)
•    Effective Size: 20 mm diameter x 45 mm length
•    Mass: 300 g (Estimated)
•    Maximum Power Input: 50 W
•    DC Arc Plasma Voltage Input: 400 V - 1000 V
•    RF Plasma Generation Frequency: 78MHz - 112MHz
•    Operation Range: -40 to +80 degrees Celsius
•    Minimum Specific Impulse: 100 seconds
•    Optimal Specific Impulse: 200-500 seconds


Circuit Board


Though Baryon Dynamics is specialized in Propulsion and Power Systems, we also offer a variety of services, focusing on research and engineering, to all of our clients. We tailor to fit their specific requirements. The following services offered are:

  • Propulsion Engineering

  • Energy Systems Engineering

  • Plasma Engineering

  • Instrumentation